User Guide

Check your position

For any tracked Uniswap v3 position, click on the 'Compound fees' button to see estimations of auto-compounding profits and decide if you want to auto-compound a position, depending on the possible improvement over different periods, up to a year, and your expected time preference.

Activate Auto-Compounding

When an LP clicks on "Activate Autocompound" their wallet permissions will be prompted, asking for authorization for the position to be transferred to the auto-compounder contract.

The Compoundor contract has the same address on all supported chains: 0x5411894842e610c4d0f6ed4c232da689400f94a1 Once the transaction has finished successfully, the Revert auto-compounder will compound uncollected fees when it's profitable for compounders to do so given their expected rewards and gas costs as constraints.

Manage position

While your position is auto-compounded, use the Revert UI to manage your position, add/remove liquidity, collect fees, or manually auto-compound (self-compound).

Deactivate Auto-Compounding

To deactivate the auto-compounding, LPs click on the 'Compound fees' button to expand the compounding options. Clicking the 'Stop Autocompound' button will prompt the wallet authorization screen, and when authorized, the position will be transferred from the auto-compounder contract back to the LPs wallet.

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