The initiator helps users initiate LP positions.

As the AMM landscape has evolved with the release of Uniswap V3, so too have the information needs of most LPs. Opening positions on concentrated liquidity AMMs requires making important decisions about price ranges, which can be greatly aided with historical data and analysis. Fees are a function of volume, time in range- and the amount of liquidity for a position and the rest of the pool. Where liquidity depends on the amount of capital and the concentration of said capital within a certain price range. All this is to say that running simulations on historical data can help us gain invaluable insights on how the captured fees may change based on the price range that LP selects.

The initiator allows users to tweak the different parameters a position is composed of, and receive immediate feedback on the effects, as well as being able to quickly switch between different fee tiers for any pair, or switch to a different pair and network altogether.

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