To Optimism

For users currently on mainnet that want to migrate their position, here is a step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Withdraw liquidity from your position.

    1. Locate the position you want to migrate

    2. Select 'Withdraw', set an amount and then click on 'Withdraw' button

  2. Bridge your assets.

    1. Bridge the assets removed from your position into Optimism

    3. Wait for the bridging to confirm and once your assets are accessible on Optimism continue with the steps below.

  3. Add liquidity to a position on Optimism

    1. Head to the revert Add Liquidity section.

    2. Select “Optimism” as the network and define the asset pair of your position.

    3. Select the range for your new position.

    4. Add your bridged assets as liquidity for this new position on Optimism.

  4. Start Auto-Compounding

    1. Go to your new position and select “Compound fees”

    2. Click the “Activate Autocompounding” button

    3. Your wallet permissions will be prompted, asking for authorization for your position to be transferred to the auto-compounder contract

    4. Approve and sign the transaction

    5. Your position will now auto-compound at optimal times given your accrued fees and gas costs. Read more

    6. Rewards will be claimable from this website at the end of each incentives period.

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