Position Management

Liquidity providers not only can initiate their positions from Revert, but they can also manage them. The position management interface is available from the account and position pages, where LPs can Add or Withdraw Liquidity and Claim Fees.

Revert now saves you the hassle of swapping your assets, if you only have one of them, or even none, to create the perfect ratio when adding more liquidity and also when withdrawing or claiming.

Position management features are currently supporting Uniswap V3 on Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism and Arbitrum networks.

Revert charges no fees for regular transactions but a 0.50% fee charge will apply on swap transactions.

Add liquidity

Using the connected wallet’s balances with a nifty slider to increase liquidity in the required proportions to any position.

If you don’t have the right proportions, toggle on the “enter custom amounts” option and we will swap them into the actual pool ratio.

Don’t worry if you have none or only one of the pool assets, click on the “add liquidity using” dropdown and select the token you want to use to add liquidity. Then, we will swap it into the pair and the actual pool ratio to increase the liquidity of your position.

Withdraw liquidity

After connecting your wallet, you are able to withdraw any amount of liquidity from a position you own.

If you need the withdrawn tokens in a particular currency, we can swap them for you in the same transaction, just need to select the currency from the “withdraw liquidity in” dropdown. Check the slippage settings and change it if you want to.

Claim fees

Collect fees from positions: You can likewise use the nifty slides to collect any amount of uncollected fees from a position you own. We can also save you the inconvenience of claiming and then swapping, only by selecting the new currency under the "Claim fees in" dropdown we will do it for you in only one transaction.


Slippage is the difference between the expected price of a trade and the executed price. It exists because sometimes the price updates so fast that it changes between starting and finishing the transaction.

In Revert, the slippage tolerance can be customized under the "settings button" for each transaction while using the position management features. If the price moves beyond this percentage, the transaction will revert.

  • Add liquidity slippage: Refers to the accepted price difference when adding assets to a position.

  • Withdraw slippage: Is the tolerated difference between the amount shown in the site and the assets reaching your wallet when withdrawing.

  • Swap slippage: Is the possible difference between the assets prices when using our swap transactions.

Revert charges a 0.50% fee for swap transactions.

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