Top Positions

​The Top Positions section shows a list of the top active positions based on how they are performing overall on Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon.

The first thing to note here is that we are counting PNL and APR versus holding the invested asset(s) outside of the pool (HODL), as explained here but ignoring associated gas costs. So the PNL and APR used to compare positions correspond to the “pool_pnl” and “apr_excluding_gas” on the individual position views. The reason to compare them in that way is that gas costs will have a very different impact on the APR depending on the size of each position.

The overall top position view is an interesting list of outliers, perfectly exemplified by a once top position, which accrued a disproportionate fee for its size, range, and age. That seems very likely due to LPing in a low liquidity pool, when a large swap pushes the rest of the liquidity out of range.

But perhaps more useful are the views into the top positions for each pool, from which we can get an overview of how the current active positions are performing relative to each selected price range.

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