Please reach us via official channels for security inquiries, disclosures, or findings.


We are running an Immunefi Bug Bounty for the Compoundor Protocol contract with total rewards of up to $100,000.
The protocol has had a successful audit process by Peckshield on August 2022. The audit revealed to 2 low-severity and 1 informal recommendation that have been addressed. The results are available here.


The V3Utils contract has undergone a comprehensive audit by Peckshield, resulting in its redeployment with enhanced security measures. The audit successfully identified and addressed two low-severity issues and one informational issue. For those who are interested, the full audit report is available here.

Vesting V3Staker

The forked v3 staker contract has gone through an audit process with PeckShield, which was generously sponsored by Polygon, and covered under the grant programme for building on top of Uniswap v3, of which this project is the first recipient.


The SelfCompoundor contract has gone through an audit process with PeckShield.